Assortment & Partnership

Mediq Medeco is a trusted partner for various international partners, who represent our brands in many countries around the world

Our product portolio comprices: 

• Continence care
• Diabetes care
• Wound care & compression
• Stoma care
• Vaccination & injection
• Nursing activities
• Injury prevention and treatment

Mediq Own Brands

KLINION Wound Care
KLINION offers effective solutions for every phase in wound treatment. The products distinguish itself by a combination of functionality, patient comfort and competitive pricing.

KLINION Personal Care
KLINION personal care consists of a range of skin friendly and hypo allergenic products for personal hygiene and skin care. All products are pH neutral and specially designed for patients with fragile skin in hospitals, nursing homes and home care.

Wide variety of high quality nursing products that are essential in good quality health care. 

KLINION Protection 
Disposable products to protect health care professionals in doing their job. A complete range of examination gloves in nitrile, latex, vinyl and PE. Protective gowns, aprons, sleeve covers, shoe covers and bouffant caps.

KLINION Diabetes Care
KLINION diabetes care consists of an extensive range of penneedles and lancets. High quality disposibles to support the treatment of the chronic disease diabetes.

The range consists of a variety of Foley and intermittent catheters, leg- and bed urinebags and all kinds of accessories for these products. The special continence sets are complete start up sets for cauterization and they have all different and customized content. New in the Curion range are the different fluids for bladder irrigation.

A wide range of absorbent diapers, pants, pads, fixation pants etc. to fit every incontinent patient even with the least loss of urine. Discrete, secure and comfortable to wear.

In our Cenaman sip feeding product line we have four different compositions. The difference in composition is mainly based on the amount of kcal, proteins and diatary fibers. Also in our tube feeding range we identify different kcal products and products with and without diatary fibers.

Distribution Partner

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