Company Profile

When healthy, you can cherish a thousand thoughts. When ill, only one. Care professionals are crucial to patients and can make a big difference. That is why we put them in the center of attention in all our activities. So they can spend their time in what matters to them most; providing care to patients.

At Mediq Medeco, every day we do our utmost to support care professionals in offering good and affordable healthcare by providing the right products and services and by acting as a knowledgeable partner.

Business partner
Mediq Medeco is a trusted partner in hospitals, care institutions, general practitioners, obstetrics, pharmacies, home care, (pharmaceutical) wholesalers, physiotherapists and health care stores. You can rely on a broad range of products and services, always aligned to the challenges you face on a daily basis. So you can then spend your precious time for care that really matters.

Total solution provider
We understand your challenges as a health care professional. That is why we offer solutions in know-how, efficiency and assortment. Moreover, we support you by providing the relevant products, services and management information that matter to you. So you can make the right choices. 

Empathize. Solve. Act!
We are driven by what happens in your practice. Our people have a background in healthcare and in-depth knowledge of the latest developments. Through regular contacts we make sure that we know what is relevant for you, so we can find a tailormade solution with existing or new products and services. When determining our assortment our philosophy is: Empathize, Solve, Act!

Committed to your care